7 Lessons to Learn About Using Microsoft Excel

7 Lessons to learned about using Microsoft Excel is essential skill for any Excel beginner. You will learn the right way to use the various Excel basic tool such as Sorting, Filtering, Text to Column, using basic Excel function to summarize sales data, shipping information. You want to see the big picture, you also want to know the detail. Data is your friend when you know how to manage them the right way.

Chee Young Lau


Do you want to equip yourself with the right skill in using Excel?

Good news! In this course, you will learn the foundation of using Microsoft Excel and some cool tricks to wow your colleague

Lesson 1 – Basic Formatting
1.1 Adjust column width, removing rows or columns
1.2 Autofill
1.3 Introduction to Excel environment and Quick Access Toolbar
1.4 Create a Product Sales List and Formatting Add Title

Lesson 2 – Basic Maths
2.1 How to use the SUM & AVERAGE to calculate the Sales for each quarter

Lesson 3 – Basic Data Management
3.1 Sort and Filtering
3.2 Create basic quarter report where you will learn Insert Columns, Rename worksheet and discover the power of Transpose
3.3 Search for Date in date list faster

Lesson 4 – Easy Navigation
4.1 View the first row while scrolling down using Freeze Pane

Lesson 5 – Time saving Data Extraction
5.1 Text To Column
5.2 Find and Replace
5.3 Removing Total Line with Filter and Excel shortcuts

Lesson 6 – Chart
6.1 Moving Average chart
6.2 Stack Column chart
6.3 Line chart Lesson

7 Printing
7.1 How to Add Page Number to Footer, Print with Grid Line
7.2 Print only what you need by Setting Print Area, and adding PageBreak

Lesson 8 Cool Excel tips
8.1 Using a special tool called Camera Tool to create dynamic content document in PDF
8.2 Smarter Way to Sum your Outlet Sales daily data

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