AY Unit Trust Investment 101

What are Unit Trusts? One of the most commonly used investment instruments in the world, unit trust investment should be part and parcel of our investment portfolio. This is the 101 course which every investors should know before investing in a unit trust fund.

Alex Yeoh


Everything you should know about unit trust investment before starting your journey. This course contains the following topics:

Introduction & What is Unit Trust?
~ Mentor Alex Yeoh
~ How does a unit trust works?
~ Types of return

6 Benefits of Investing in Unit Trusts
~ It maybe more than what you think…

Categories & Types of Unit Trust Funds
~ Yeah. Many people confused. These are the two basic things that every unit holders should be aware of. Get ready to jot it down!

Open vs Closed Ended Funds
~ What’s that? Thinking that unit trust funds is all about the same? Answer is nope. Find it out here.

What are the Differences between Conventional and Syariah-compliant funds?
~ Other than the name is different, it actually more than that. Lol.
~ Can a non-muslim invest into a syariah fund?

Distribution Channels for Unit Trusts in Malaysia
~ Different channel may brings you different outcome
~ Choosing the most suitable channel for you by knowing all of the options
~ How to check whether a unit trust consultant is authorized?

Things to Consider before Investing in Unit Trust
~ Summarizing all of them into 5, hopefully this could help you to make an informed decision

Do’s and Dont’s
~ As an investor, what should you do? And, what you shouldn’t do? This is tricky especially you are being approached by unethical consultants. Don’t simply trusting other people.

Unit Trust vs Stocks
~ Wow! One of the most popular questions being asked, let me give you some of the insights backed by real data. You just don’t want to missed this. Check it out!

Conclusion and Recap.

Thank you and see you all in my next course!

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