More than just a ‘Designer’! (Interior Architecture & Design)

Do you think a successful designer rely solely on their innate creativity?

Shayne Chin


Becoming a designer may sounds like a never-achievable dream for some of you.


“Well I have the passion but I’m just not creative enough?”
“I just couldn’t draw a straight line by free-hand to start on it”
“I better look for a job where I don’t need to deal with ‘imaginations’”

In fact, how do you define creativity? By far, I could hardly draw a straight line without tools, and our imagination is not operating by 24/7 basis. It is all about passion, mastering technical skills, and most importantly field practice.

The above mentioned key points are applicable on becoming an Interior Designer or Interior Architect. Get to know more about what you are intended to achieve, at least a first step out of the box!

Join the first course of mine and you will figure that it is not only about creativity nor endless imagination in you, but the skills that anyone could have mastering!

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