Positive Psychology: The (New) Science of Positivity

This course shares about a science that looks at the best things in life and concrete ways to start becoming more positive in life.

Have you ever wondered if there is a science that looks at the best things in life? Or whether there is a way to become more positive but don’t know where to start? Look no further! This course is specially designed to start you on the journey of focusing strengths, growth, happiness, meaning, purpose, resilience, mindset, etc with the (New) science of positivity – Positive Psychology.

Positive psychology was a science taught in colleges and universities but is now commonly used by individuals, corporations, and communities to flourish. Now you can also benefit from this science by learning what it teaches and applying its research-based concepts from the comforts of your home. Here is what you will learn:

Video 1: Welcome & Introduction In this video, you will be introduced to the full contents of this course.

Video 2: Module 1.0 What is Positive Psychology This video will get you prepared to begin learning the contents of module 1.

Video 3: Module 1.1 Why Do You Need This? Before we get to know the “what” and “how”, it is important to establish the “why”. Hence, in this video, you will be taken through 3 main reasons why knowing positive psychology is a must to you today – The time is NOW.

Video 4: Module 1.2 Definitions This video will help you understand exactly what positive psychology means. By going through some of these definitions, you will experience how much this science can mean to you and others.

Video 5: Module 1.3 The Birth of A New Science This video will share with you how positive psychology started right in a rose garden from a home in the USA and why it is the missing piece that was finally found in general psychology.

Video 6: Module 1.4 How Does Positive Psychology Work? This video is very crucial as it shares with you about how positive psychology works in the process of helping you and others flourish in life. This process is applicable to anyone who longs to become better managers of his/her life. Check it out!

Video 7: Module 2.0 How to Apply Positive Psychology in Your Life? This video prepares you to go into the next section of using positive psychology in your life. The next few videos will show you exactly how you can benefit from the science.

Video 8: Module 2.1 Theories of Positive Psychology In this video, you will introduced to two powerful theories in positive psychology and experience how it is to engage with such theories.

Video 9: Module 2.2 Interventions in Positive Psychology To provide you with an experience of applying positive psychology interventions, this video will share some ways that you can do so following the two theories explained in the previous module.

Video 10: Module 2.3 Suggestions for Learning This video is a simple sharing about how you can best benefit from learning positive psychology in the long-run.

Video 11: Module 2.4 What Next? This video shares with you some actions that you can take after completing this course. You will also find out a special gift that is highlighted at the end of the video.

So, act now, by clicking the button to get immediate access to this course! Transformation awaits you. BE BLESSED!

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