The Ultimate Online Course Creation Blueprint

Create and Launch Your Own Online Course: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you planning and have been thinking about creating your own online courses? Are you struggling to create an online course? Don’t know how to structure, prepare, record, edit? Are you tired of pouring hours into content creation?

This Online Course Creator Program has the solutions you need. With insider tips from me personally, who has learnt the hard way over the past few years, this must-learn program will revolutionize your approach and kick start your online course creation process off the ground immediately. (And, surprisingly it’s much easier than you think!)

Don’t let frustration hold you back any longer – enroll today and start creating online courses that truly make a difference.

1. Introduction
2. My Real Story
3. The Evolution of Learning
4. 6 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future
5. Why become an Online Course Creator?
6. Getting Started
7. Course Idea
8. Course Structure
9. Course Design
10. Course Preparation
11. Video Recording
12. Video Editing
13. How to price my online courses?
14. Copywriting for my online course
15. Action plan (with Assignment)
16. Bonus: Digital Transformation Testimonial
17. Bonus: How to setup and use OBS studio

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