Where’s Your Superpower? (3.0)

Let your body speaks, not your mouth!

Anna Zayyana Chin


I’m sure you’ve heard of this phrase, “action speaks louder than words”. Have you ever wondered what this statement truly means? When was the last time you truly be accountable of your action instead of paying too much attention to convince others how much you’ve done or simply, how good you’re as a person?

In this 3rd Series of “Where’s Your Superpower?”, I’m going to introduce the four (4) A(s) of Interpersonal Communication so that you can learn the ART of Asking the Right Question, enjoy ADDing Active Listening + Questioning in healthier and happier interaction with people around you, ACT with body language without saying a word as well as having fun with me in an ACTIVITY of becoming Body Language Expert, how about that?!

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