Work Life Integration

This course empowers you to integrate your work and life with positive psychology.

Are you currently facing stress at work? Are you finding it more difficult to juggle between your commitments at work and at home? Are you finding your life in a mess?

You have come to the right place. In this course, I will show you exactly how to reduce the tension between your lives at work and home and help you uncover your life purpose to enjoy a meaningful daily life.

Video 1: Introduction
– What you will learn throughout the course.

Video 2: Work-Life Balance and Integration
– What is work-life balance and work-life integration?
– How do they differ and why work-life integration is the way forward.

Video 3: The IKIGAI for Integrating Work and Life
– How can you also attain IKIGAI (A Japanese concept on “The reason for being”) in your work and life?
– Working on life’s 4 main domains.

Video 4: Harnessing Daily Mental Energy
– How to manage your mental energy to perform optimally throughout the day.

Video 5: Positive Self-Management
– How to experience ultimate satisfaction each day with managing yourself positively.

I can’t wait to share with you what work-life integration can do for you. Act now to benefit with all others who have been transformed with positive psychology.


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